Radon Testing
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Radon Testing

The office of the Surgeon General of the United States recommends that every home be tested. It is nearly impossible to otherwise determine which homes have elevated radon levels. It is very unpredictable, since one home may have low-level test results while the home next to it has high-level test results.

As a homeowner, you may do your own test. However, I do not recommend this, because many variables can influence the outcome of the test results. A person should be properly trained to know all of these variables and how to minimize their impact on the test results. Variables that can affect the outcome of the test include such things as the weather and the temperature both indoors and outdoors, whether certain appliances are running or not, location or placement of the test, and proper handling after the test is complete. It is also possible to obtain a pre-contaminated test.

As a Nationally Certified Measurement Professional, there are a series of checks that I go through to ensure the most accurate test results. Because radon poses such a health risk, quality control is imperative.

Have your home

Tests where a report is needed, the cost is $129.00. Some restrictions may apply.

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