Real Estate Agents

This page is for real estate agents to discuss the unique way they fit into the radon discussion. I have been in the Boise area since 2010. In that time I have seen radon awareness grow ten-fold and its snowballing every day. I’ve always thought since our local politicians were unwilling to spend money (like they do in other states) to help educate the public, real estate agents along with professionals like myself were on the front lines of this issue. So you know, we here in Treasure Valley and pretty much all of Idaho are definitely in a radon hotspot. Radon as you may have heard is the second leading cause of lung cancer and lung cancer is by far the number one killer among all cancers. And if that’s not bad enough radon exposure in homes is linked to other health issues, (please see ‘Health Dangers’ page). If you do choose to suggest to a buyer that they should consider a radon test, you can also confidently reassure them that radon levels can be substantially lowered. A radon mitigation system works great if done properly like any other home repair and I haven’t come across a home where the radon could not be significantly dropped. I’ve spoken with many people looking to buy a house that were a little apprehensive once they’ve found radon there. I simply reassure them they can get the house they love but with a mitigation system and not have to worry about the radon. Once the system is installed it’s a permanent part of the home. There’s no maintenance and it uses very little power. I know from working with many agents over the years the prospective buyer is at the very least appreciative you mentioned it, because you are just pointing out a safety concern. They may not take your advice about getting a test done but at least you told them, they can’t get upset about it later. I am here to help and be a resource. I have free brochures that can be dropped off to your office you can hand out to clients. The Idaho Department of Health and Welfare has a website and literature. You don’t have to be an expert on the subject, you just have to be willing to let people know of the potential dangers in a home they want to live in. Our homes after all, are supposed to be our safe place.

Tim Suchla, Owner-Northwest Radon Services